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Star Wars Officially Reveals Design & Lightsaber of New Order 66 Survivor, ‘Tensu Run’

Star Wars Officially Reveals Design & Lightsaber of New Order 66 Survivor, 'Tensu Run'


  • Tensu Run, a new Order 66 survivor, debuts in
    Star Wars
    canon with a blue lightsaber and pilot’s uniform.
  • Tensu Run’s actions, such as freeing prisoners and gathering other Jedi, make him a significant threat to the Empire.
  • Darth Vader considers Tensu Run a “chosen one” and a potential new hope, but his days are numbered as he’s high on Vader’s hit list.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: Inquisitors #1! While Order 66 succeeded in wiping out the vast majority of the Jedi across the Star Wars galaxy, there were a few handfuls that made it out of that assault unscathed, including an all-new character: Tensu Run. With his debut, Star Wars reveals the character design and lightsaber color of the new Order 66 survivor. Not only that, but he’s already making a major impact on the established canon, with Darth Vader himself giving this Jedi his special attention.

In Star Wars: Inquisitors #1 by Rodney Barnes and Ramon Rosanas, the Grand Inquisitor stands before Darth Vader, having failed to complete one of the most important missions Vader has ever sent him on: find and kill Tensu Run. Vader then goes into why it’s so imperative that the Grand Inquisitor completes this mission, at which point, readers are given a full look at the Jedi in question.

Following the fall of the Jedi, Tenus Run has seemingly abandoned his Jedi garb in exchange for a classic pilot’s uniform, which he’s able to pull off quite well given how skilled he proves to be at flying. He also wields a blue lightsaber, which fans get to see him use in action against a squadron of Stormtroopers during the sequence where Darth Vader is stressing how dangerous he is to the Grand Inquisitor. Overall, Tensu Run’s design is nothing flashy, but his in-world significance more than makes up for that.


Darth Vader’s Failed ‘Apprentice’ Warned Him Exactly How His Story Would End

Before the Inquisitors, Darth Vader had a failed apprentice who was able to see the Dark Lord’s future, warning him how his Star Wars story would end.

Why Darth Vader is So Desperate to Kill Star Wars’ Newest Jedi, Tensu Run

Darth Vader telling the Grand Inquisitor that he needs to find a kill a Jedi.

After surviving Order 66, the young Jedi Knight has made quite the name for himself. Tenus Run freed a great many people imprisoned at an Imperial outpost after taking it on solo (proving his flying and combat skills), he gathered a number of other surviving Jedi to stand against the Empire, and the mere mention of his name is giving people hope across the galaxy.

Every second Tensu Run remains alive, the Empire is at increasing risk of having a full-blown rebellion on its hands. Given that this comic takes place fairly soon after Episode III, it’s far too early for the Empire to face such resistance – and Tensu Run is the sole person responsible for creating it.

Tensu Run’s Days in Star Wars May Already Be Numbered

Darth Vader telling the Grand Inquisitor that he needs to find a kill a Jedi.

Darth Vader describes Tensu Run as something of a ‘chosen one’, as he seems to be the first ‘new hope’ the galaxy sees before Luke Skywalker following the rise of the Empire. Unfortunately, that also means Tensu Run is high on Vader’s hit list, which this comic issue alone makes abundantly clear. And since Star Wars fans have never heard of Tensu Run before, and the position of a ‘new hope’ was left vacant for Luke to fill, it’s a safe bet that this new Jedi survivor isn’t going to last very much longer.

Despite his days already being numbered, Tensu Run has still made such an impact on the Star Wars universe, that he’s made Darth Vader himself nervous about the Empire’s future, which is far more than practically any other Jedi can say. Plus, until he does meet his fate, fans can enjoy the exploits of this all-new Jedi, one who has just made his official debut in Star Wars canon.

Star Wars: Inquisitors #1 by Marvel Comics is available now.

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