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Steve Carrell Teases Minion Multiverse, Musicals, and 100 Year Movie Schedule in Despicable Me 4 Promo

Steve Carrell Teases Minion Multiverse, Musicals, and 100 Year Movie Schedule in Despicable Me 4 Promo


  • Despicable Me 4
    brings back Gru, Lucy, and a new baby, baby-proofing the future against more baddies and chaos in theaters soon.
  • Illumination Entertainment’s iconic franchise continues to charm audiences with star-studded voices and chaotic adventures expected in
    Despicable Me 4

The Despicable Me franchise is about to dwarf the MCU according to a new video featuring star Steve Carell. In the latest tease of the upcoming Despicable Me 4, Carell reveals an extensive slate of Minion movies from Mega Minion epics, to multiverse crossovers, and even a few musical extravaganzas thrown in for good measure. However, before anyone gets too excited, there is a very big catch – none of it is real.

While the world of cinema is very much heading down the rabbit hole of sequels, prequels and expanding franchises, the latest piece of marketing for Carell’s latest appearance as Minion master Gru includes a gentle ribbing of the complex and crowded slates of the MCU. Featuring a timeline packed with movies such as Mega-Minions: Electric Gru-Galoo, Mega-Minions: The Tax Write-Off, Mad Mega: Furry Road, and Mega-Minions: Mega Musical On Ice, there is no doubt that in another reality this epic run of movies lasting up to 2124 could be a reality. Carell’s hilariously straight delivery of the “news” sees him revealing:

“By now you’ve probably heard about the Mega Minions. Five Minions with incredible power and zero responsibility. But Despicable Me 4 is just the beginning. Presenting Illumination’s Megaverse. 50 interconnected Mega Minion stories shared across a variety of mediums on an irregular basis for the next 100 years. From their debut in Despicable Me 4, the Mega Minions are charting a course from the big screen to the small screen, from the future of the present to the present of the past and from stages of Broadway to the ice rinks of Jacksonville’s Florida…excited you should be. Begin your Megaverse journey today by pre-ordering tickets to Despicable Me 4. It’s going to be truly magnificent.”

Despicable Me 4 Can Continue the Franchise’s Success

Despicable Me 4
Illumination Entertainment

Illumination is not exactly desperate to find a hit, as they are still riding the way of last year’s success with The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and scored again at the box office last month with The Garfield Movie. However, the Despicable Me franchise is where it all really began, and despite some small missteps, the saga doesn’t show any signs of stopping yet.

In Despicable Me 4, which will be the sixth movie in the franchise, including the Minions spin-offs, once again Gru and his ever-expanding family take on more super-villains intent on invading his quiet life. This time around, Gru will be facing two villains in the form of Maxime Le Mal, voiced by Will Ferrell, and Valentina, brought to life by the vocals of Modern Family star Sofia Vergara. Adding into the mix is the arrival of a new baby in Gru’s life, with, of course, the Minions, and everything seems set for the usual chaotic crowd-pleasing adventure that has seen the franchise deliver consistent box office success despite some less than glowing reviews.


Despicable Me 4: Why the Delay in Release Date?

Seven after Despicable Me 3’s premiere, the fourth film of this hit animated franchise is finally in the making. Here’s why there was a delay.

Despicable Me 4 has plenty of star support for Carell, Farrell, and Vergara. Others lending their voices this time around includes, Kristen Wiig, Pierre Coffin, Joey King, Miranda Cosgrove, Stephen Colbert, Steve Coogan, Renaud, Madison Polan, Dana Gaier, and Chloe Fineman. Fans will be able to catch Despicable Me 4 in cinemas from July 3.

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