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Summer School’s Main Characters Ranked Most Likely To Be A True Final Girl

Summer School's Main Characters Ranked Most Likely To Be A True Final Girl

This article contains SPOILERS for Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 6, “Chapter Sixteen: Hell House.”


  • The new Liars in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School are tested by Bloody Rose to see who has what it takes to be a final girl.
  • Pretty Little Liars: Summer School’s Bloody Rose could easily manipulate Noa and Imogen, making them less likely to be the true final girl.
  • Faran is the most likely candidate to be the true final girl due to her physical and mental acumen.

The main characters of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School have varying abilities to be the show’s true final girl. The second season of the spinoff Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin elevates the danger that the new Liars face, putting them against the franchise’s most dangerous threat, Bloody Rose. The new villain is putting each of them to the test to see whether they have what it takes to be a final girl – the last woman character alive in a horror movie, who confronts the villain.

Prior to the show’s premiere, the creators of Summer School did an interview with Bloody Disgusting, outlining their goal for the season. Because the show has five different “final girls” at the end of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, the creators wanted to narrow this down to one primary final girl by the end of Summer School. While all five of the new Liars (plus Kelly Beasley) have a claim to that title, some of the characters have more personality traits and backgrounds conducive to being the true final girl.


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6 Honorable Mention: Kelly Beasley

Kelly Beasley Is Too Easily Influenced To Be Summer School’s Final Girl

By the end of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 1, Kelly is considered one of the new Liars. Unfortunately, everything changes for the teen in Summer School. She becomes wrapped up in a high-demand religion that turns her against the rest of the group. By the time Hell House debuts, Kelly Beasley is both the least likely to be the true final girl and the most likely to be Bloody Rose. Kelly consistently disregards the well-being of others, defaulting to her pastor’s values even when she has doubts.

Additionally, Kelly breaks down on Imogen in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 6, telling her that she wants to save the town from going to Hell like Davie Adams, Kelly Beasley, and Sheriff Beasley. Her sentiment indicates that she could agree with the antagonist’s ideals, even if she isn’t the true identity of Bloody Rose. (Though that’s still up in the air because there are reasonable doubts about Davie Adams being Bloody Rose.) Kelly could very well think that Bloody Rose is just setting the town straight after the Millwood massacre. As such, the Liar would sooner join the murderer’s team than be the final girl.

5 Noa Olivar

Noa’s Ability To Be Manipulated Decreases Her Chances Of Being Summer School’s Final Girl

Though she’s extremely lovable, Noa is the main character who’s least likely to be the true final girl in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School. Noa’s strong suit is running, meaning her best chance at surviving Bloody Rose is escaping. This skill isn’t completely useless. Against a different enemy, she could be the final girl using this tactic. However, this approach wouldn’t work too well against Bloody Rose.

This season’s villain doesn’t hesitate when it comes to attacking and killing her targets, showing a degree of haste and brutality not seen in any of the previous Pretty Little Liars villains. The Liars have likely only lived this long because Bloody Rose is testing them. Ultimately, when Bloody Rose shifts her focus towards killing the new Liars, Noa’s speed won’t help much.

Additionally, Noa is probably the most sensitive and emotional Liar, making her easier to manipulate. The core trait is visible from the start of Original Sin, as Noa’s juvie stay only happened because she took the fall for her mom. Summer School proves that Bloody Rose knows this flaw when she tests Noa, telling her to run or someone she loves will be killed.

Moreover, even though the Liars all take self-defense classes after the Millwood Massacre, Noa is never shown using these skills. Every opportunity she’s had to stand up to herself or fight, she has backed down. Combining all of these factors, she wouldn’t likely be the true final girl when compared to the rest of the Pretty Little Liars: Summer School main characters.

4 Imogen Adams

Imogen Has The Fight To Be Summer School’s Final Girl, But She Can Be Easily Manipulated

Imogen was the final girl in Original Sin, but she’s unlikely to be the true final girl in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School. At heart, Imogen is a strong survivor with the drive to push through anything. However, bravery and tenacity aren’t the only traits necessary to be a final girl. Imogen has already proven at the end of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin that she can fight back against a villain – a necessary trait. The Original Sin ending points to her being a strong contender for the role of the true final girl.

Unfortunately, Bloody Rose can manipulate Imogen in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School with zero problems by threatening her daughter, Estelle, or bringing up her mother, Davie. Though Imogen cares deeply about others, these are the two people who have the biggest role in her life (even after Davie’s Original Sin season 1 death). Bloody Rose has a clear-cut way to manipulate this Liar, much more than she has with most of the others.

3 Mouse Honrada

Mouse’s Knowledge Of Bloody Rose Makes Her A Good Candidate For Summer School’s Final Girl

Of all the new Liars, Mouse is the most likely to figure out the true identity of Bloody Rose in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School. Her obsession with Spooky Spaghetti equips Mouse with near-encyclopedic expertise on the lore of Bloody Rose. This knowledge also contributes to the moderate likelihood of her being the true final girl. Mouse also has the gumption to face danger head-on. Believing Rose Waters could be the person torturing them, she still goes to multiple places trying to find the villain. Her intelligence and bravery make her a strong contender for the final girl.

Mouse also displays a skill at the end of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, which is, one, none of the other liars display, and two, could help her be the true final girl. When Mouse gets kidnapped by Steve, her survival instincts kick into a fawn reaction. Rather than fighting him, she finds a way to appease him and keep him calm. This helps keep her alive. Mouse’s survival skills could also help her survive Bloody Rose in the end if she could get Bloody Rose to pause for even a second, offering Mouse a chance to fight back.

However, one element decreases the likelihood of Mouse being the true final girl. The teen takes self-defense classes with the rest of her friend group, but she hasn’t actually used what she learned. Her final girl challenge shows Mouse hiding, sneaking around, and using her intelligence to escape. It’s unknown whether Mouse would be able to practically implement self-defense against Bloody Rose.


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2 Tabby Haworthe

A Promotional Photo Hints That Tabby Could Be The Summer School Final Girl

Like many of the other Liars, Tabby has personality traits that are often necessary for a final girl. She’s brave and has a strong internal drive. A final girl must have a drive that allows them to endure the horrors and bravery to face their fears. Tabby’s movie background in Original Sin is also extremely useful when it comes to being Summer School‘s final girl. Her horror movie expertise allows her to better get into the mind of Bloody Rose, anticipating her choices ahead of time.

Additionally, directing and writing movies requires creativity – a transferable skill that could help her as a final girl. Tabby can think outside the box when it comes to fighting Bloody Rose and surviving her attacks. However, this skill will only help if Bloody Rose continues playing with the Liars instead of taking the murderous approach she’s used with every other victim. When faced with a knife and Bloody Rose’s murderous rage, she might not have what’s necessary to be the actual final girl, placing her slightly below Faran in the likelihood.

However, there is one element that pushes her just above Mouse, and it has nothing to do with the in-universe aspects of the show. Bret Tanzer, the production designer for Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, created a poster for the season, which was released on Twitter prior to the premiere. The poster reveals many facts about the season that have come true. Mouse was tested with fire, Noa with a dog and rose thorns, Faran with strength, and Imogen with the face of her dead mother.

Considering Tabby is the one at the center of the poster, it’s reasonable to believe that she could be the true final girl of the season. Moreover, she’s the one directly surrounded by Bloody Rose and Archie Waters, pointing to the idea that they see her as the biggest threat. Alternatively, the person under the Bloody Rose mask could have the closest connection with Tabby, fueling the theory that either Christian or Mrs. Langsbury is the villain.

1 Faran Bryant

Faran’s Physical And Mental Acumen Makes Her Summer School’s Most Likely Final Girl

Despite the hints about Tabby being the final girl, the most likely person to be Pretty Little Liars: Summer School’s true final girl is Faran. She has all the traits necessary to be a final girl. The teen is mentally tough and tenacious. She’s unlikely to fold when faced with a challenge. Faran proves this in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin when she goes through strength training to regain the ability to dance. Even if she changes her mind about what she wants, the fact that the Liar perseveres proves that she can work through major challenges.

Additionally, Faran’s physical strength is unmatched among the new Liars. Her original sport, ballet, requires a lot of core strength and coordination. When she does strength training and moves into swimming, she increases these skills immensely. Her test by Bloody Rose only solidifies the fact that her strength is matched with endurance. Combining strength, coordination, endurance, and self-defense classes, Faran’s physical acumen makes her the most equipped to beat Bloody Rose in a fight.

The last thing that makes Faran the most likely to be Pretty Little Liars: Summer School’s true final girl is her self-assuredness. Faran really comes into her own during this season of the show, embracing the fact that she is a strong Black woman leader. She feels secure in her physical power after saving the little girl at the pool. Her confidence could ultimately be what tips the scales in Faran’s favor. The Summer School character doesn’t seem easily shaken now that she’s embracing her abilities.

Source: Bloody Disgusting and the Film Updates Twitter

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