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Survival Ascended Mod Makes The Oceans More Dangerous Than Ever

Survival Ascended Mod Makes The Oceans More Dangerous Than Ever


  • Dive deep into the “Sunken World Additions” for new Oceanic threats and exciting mount opportunities in
    Ark: Survival Ascended
  • Encounter deadly predators like Saurichthys and gentle giants like Henodus in the depths.
  • Explore new biomes and community-driven content in “The Sunken World mod,” reminiscent of
    ‘s survival experience.

Ark: Survival Ascended players looking to pit their survival skills against a horde of undersea monsters are in luck because a recent add-on for the DLC-size mod The Sunken World adds plenty of new oceanic threats. Despite the various dinosaurs constantly patrolling the island, it’s inarguable that some of Ark‘s scariest critters can be found swimming around the depths. Those who are brave enough to wade beyond the shallows will be rewarded with some excellent mounts and even better stories if they’re able to catch the one that got away.

Available on Curse Forge by creator snappin, the “Sunken World Additions” package does exactly what one might expect by introducing several new underwater dinosaurs to the titular mod. Those who do opt to take the plunge can expect to encounter a mixture of deadly predators like the lightning-fast Saurichthys or gentle giants like Henodus that are so large and sturdy dedicated survivors can even build a home on their shells. Perhaps the best part of the add-on is that it’s still in development, meaning more creatures and features will be added in the coming months.


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What Creatures Can Be Found in TSW Additions?

The Depths Are Never Kind

While the ocean is filled with threats, “TSW Additions” also adds critters that can make surviving much easier for players; the Ambulocetus is one such primordial beast given that it can survive both in and out of the water and makes for an excellent early game mount. Those with a taste for diving should instead prioritize taming an Anomalocaris, a small invertebrate that’s able to constantly supply its master with oxygen when equipped to the shoulder. Perhaps most interesting is Henodus, a metal-loving shark with scales so tough it can be used as a portable smithy to create additional tools.

As for the rest of The Sunken World, the community-driven project is well worth checking out for players eager for an experience similar in nature to the acclaimed survival game Subnautica. The map is currently 40-50% complete and will soon introduce new biomes in the form of Floating islands of the Seagrass Islands or the Mangrove Swamps, diversifying the locations on offer. Given that the mod is completely fan-supported, its development likely won’t wrap up soon but the content already included is impressive.

When it comes to Ark: Survival Ascended, developer Studio Wildcard has done an excellent job of allowing the community to contribute to the game’s development even if the remaster’s launch irked many. Thanks to several unkept promises and changes to monetization, many believed the upgraded version of the beloved survival game would flop. Fortunately, thanks to some hasty content drops and official mod support, it continues to grow with updates and expansions.

Source: Curse Forge/snappin

ark survival ascended

Ark: Survival Ascended

PC , PS5 , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S

October 26, 2023

Studio Wildcard

Survival , Open-World

Unreal Engine 5

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