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Susan & Kathy Take Gerry Turner’s Side In Divorce

Susan & Kathy Take Gerry Turner's Side In Divorce


  • Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts are on Gerry’s side despite his divorce.
  • Gerry and Theresa’s whirlwind romance ended due to incompatible lives.
  • Kathy and Susan may appear on future Bachelor shows, including Bachelor in Paradise.

The Golden Bachelor season 1’s Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist recently announced their divorce, and some of their costars are taking Gerry’s side. Gerry, a 72-year-old widower and retired restaurateur, dated 22 women in their 60s and 70s, including Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts. Gerry hit it off with multiple single women during the season, but he gave his final rose to 69-year-old Theresa, a financier and fellow widower.

Gerry and Theresa’s Golden Bachelor wedding took place just a few weeks later, airing on January 4, despite revelations Gerry had been in a serious relationship and lied about it. The highly anticipated television event was attended by Bachelor Nation stars, including many of the women Gerry rejected. Susan was the officiant who married the couple, and Kathy was one of the television hosts. The couple represented the hope of finding love later in life, so people were rooting for them. Sadly, Gerry and Theresa announced their split in April, and Susan and Kathy are on Team Gerry.


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Susan Noles & Kathy Swarts Are Team Gerry

“S–t Happens”

The issue came up when 67-year-old Susan and 71-year-old Kathy recently appeared on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show. In a clip the SiriusXM account posted to YouTube, they were asked about The Golden Bachelor’s divorce. Both women came to Gerry’s defense. “I’ve gotta support this man a little bit,” said Susan, adding, “I feel like he got the wrong end of it.” Susan explained she understood where Gerry was coming from because Theresa “decided not to move and not to quit her job.” Both women felt Gerry’s frustration was understandable under the circumstances.

Though Kathy and Susan understood Gerry’s side of the story, they didn’t blame Theresa for the breakup and insisted she still liked her. “Gerry’s a nice guy. Theresa’s a lovely lady. You know, s–t happens.” Kathy said. “Sorry. It does and we like them both.” She explained that The Golden Bachelor couple only knew each other for a few weeks before getting married, so it’s understandable they couldn’t make the relationship work.

Kathy couldn’t resist joking that Gerry made a “
huge mistake
” by not picking Susan or herself.

What Happened Between Gerry & Theresa?

Mistakes Were Made

Gerry and Theresa’s whirlwind romance played out during The Golden Bachelor season 1. In July 2023, ABC announced Gerry would lead The Bachelor spin-off. Years before appearing as The Golden Bachelor, Gerry had been married to his high school sweetheart, Toni, for 43 years until she passed away in 2017 after a brief illness.

Though Gerry claimed he hadn’t dated since his late wife’s death, that turned out to be untrue.

Theresa was also a widower, as her husband passed away several years ago, and she realized she was ready for love again. Theresa was looking for a partner who could be her best friend during the next chapter of her life, and Gerry wanted a high-energy partner who lived an active lifestyle. They hit it off right away, and Theresa was one of the front-runners throughout the season.

Gerry and Theresa fell in love on The Golden Bachelor but couldn’t figure out how to blend their lives. Theresa lived in New Jersey, while Gerry lived in his lakeside Indiana dream home that he built with his late wife. Both lived near their children and grandchildren, and neither wanted to be separated from their family. Theresa had the added complication of her work to consider.

Susan Married Gerry & Theresa

They Broke Her Perfect Record

The Golden Bachelor's Susan Noles smiles, with Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist looking upset behind her.
Custom Image by César García

Neither Susan nor Nancy had much of a romantic connection with The Golden Bachelor, but Susan lasted one week longer than Kathy. She was eliminated during week 5, but the Kris Jenner lookalike managed to make an impression on Gerry and fans. The wedding officiant from Aston, Pennsylvania, was thrilled when she was asked to officiate Gerry and Theresa’s wedding on national television. Sadly, their divorce was the first time a couple Susan married called it quits.

Kathy’s Bachelor Journey

She’s Just Getting Started

Montage of The Golden Bachelor’s Kathy Swarts looking serious and smiling
Custom Image by César García

Kathy, a retired educational consultant from Austin, Texas, never found a spark with Gerry. Instead, she butted heads with Theresa, who offended Kathy by being too exuberant about her connection with Gerry. The bottom line is that Kathy was likely jealous of Theresa‘s obvious hold on Gerry and didn’t like hearing about it. In the end, Theresa’s connection with Gerry was powerful, while Kathy was eliminated during the fourth week of The Golden Bachelor.

Her elimination wasn’t the end of Kathy’s journey, as her bold personality got her a job as one of the hosts of
The Golden Bachelor

Will Kathy & Susan Ever Appear On Another Bachelor Show?

Anything Is Possible

As with anyone who appears on any iteration of The Bachelor, Kathy and Susan will forever be a part of Bachelor Nation. Both women are fan favorites and were often named as potential leads for The Golden Bachelorette. Recently, ABC announced Joan Vassos, another woman from Gerry’s season, had been chosen as the first female lead of the spin-off series. If there are future seasons, Kathy and Susan could potentially be considered for the lead or even as co-leads.

There’s one way that Kathy and Susan can appear on another Bachelor Nation show. If ABC does the right thing by producing The Golden Bachelor In Paradise, both Kathy and Susan can have another chance at love. The two women aren’t going anywhere even if Susan and Kathy never appear on another Bachelor Nation show.

Gerry Turner

72 years old

Retired restaurateur

Theresa Nist

70 years old


Susan Noles

67 years old

Wedding officiant

Kathy Swarts

71 years old

Retired educational consultant

The Golden Bachelor

season 1 is available to stream on Hulu.

Source: SiriusXM

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