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The 20 Most Memorable Harvey Quotes

The 20 Most Memorable Harvey Quotes


  • Harvey Specter’s confidence and self-assuredness shone through in his iconic quotes, defining his character on Suits.
  • Gabriel Macht’s portrayal of Harvey, paired with witty remarks and legal prowess, contributed to Suits’ success.
  • Harvey’s lessons to Mike, from self-value to tactics in the legal world, showcased his mentorship and dedication to winning.

As the confident, intelligent, and often unbeatable lawyer leading the legal drama Suits, the best Harvey Specter quotes were a highlight of the show’s nine-season run. Introduced as the highly motivated and talented law shark who mentors young Mike Ross, Harvey built a reputation for himself as one of the best lawyers in the country, and no one believed that more than himself. Gabriel Macht’s great performance in the role highlighted the self-assured way Harvey operates, which led to some of the best quotes in Suits.

The cast of Suits saw a few changes over the years, with Mike eventually leaving the show. However, Macht was a series mainstay, and his character’s inclusion helped keep the series successful over the course of nine seasons. As the show continues to find success on streaming platforms years after it ended, more people are discovering how much fun of a character Harvey Specter is. With his witty remarks, stunning legal maneuverings, words of wisdom, or vicious takedowns, the best Harvey Specter quotes helped to make Suits one of the best legal dramas on television.


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20 “Let Me Give You The ABCs Of Me.”

Season 4, Episode 1, “One-Two-Three Go…”

Harvey argues with his client in Suits.

Harvey doesn’t shy away from letting people know the kind of person he is, and he particularly likes to put people in their place who think they can boss him around. Such is the case when Harvey faces off with a rich corporate client who feels as though Harvey should be at his beck and call and do whatever he says. Harvey calmly explains there are “ABCs” to working with him, setting out clear boundaries such as that he is the one who sets up meetings and that his respect is earned.

The client points out that there are only two lessons before Harvey shuts him down by saying the third is for people who prove they understand the first two. Harvey knows his value, and he knows that he is the person who will win cases, help people, and deal with all the obstacles in the way. When other people get in the way, he can’t do his job right, and this is him explaining that.

19 “I Think That Says It All, Don’t You?”

Season 1, Episode 6, “Trick Of The Trade”

Harvey smiling in a Suits promo image

Some of the best Harvey Specter quotes can show his mean side, but that often makes for some of the funniest moments in Suits. In this instance, an eager young lawyer approaches Harvey and asks if he can help him with anything, clearly hoping to latch onto his success. Harvey begins, “Well, Alan…” before the young man tells him that his name is Aaron.

Harvey delivers this devastating line that suggests if he doesn’t respect Aaron enough to learn his real name, the chances aren’t good he’ll want to work with him. It is certainly mean, but once again, respect is earned in Harvey’s mind. Harvey is not a mean person, but he makes a great point here that the young lawyer knows who he is, but he has no idea who this young man is, meaning he is setting up the pecking order and letting him know he doesn’t need help from someone who isn’t even proven yet.

18 “I Didn’t Doubt Her for A Second; I Doubted Her for Days.”

Season 1, Episode 6, “Tricks of the Trade”

Harvey in the courtroom in Suits

Harvey Specter works with a wide variety of clients throughout Suits, though the slick professional doesn’t always like his clients. When defending a woman who is accused of insider trading in the first season, Harvey lets her know that he never doubted her innocence for a second. When Mike questions if his partner really was that confident in the defendant, Harvey delivers this hilarious line.

Not only does this Harvey Specter quote show that he is willing to defend people who he thinks might actually be guilty, but he also knows how to tell others what they want to hear without compromising his honesty. He pleases the clients even when he doesn’t like them. This is a great way of showing that he is not only a good lawyer but also one who knows how to play the game, keep his clients happy, and keep his own nose clean at the same time.

17 “I’m Emotionally Attached To Me.”

Season 1, Episode 3, “Inside Track”

Mike and Harvey walking together in Suits.

Another example of Harvey Specter’s perceived coldness also showcases his humorous way of leaning into that kind of reputation. One of the early lessons Harvey teaches Mike is to not get emotionally attached to clients as it will make it harder when the case doesn’t go as planned. However, when Harvey seems overly invested in the outcome of one case, Mike reminds Harvey of his own advice only for Harvey to insist he is only worrying about himself.

For Harvey, winning is tied to his very being, and no one will get in the way of that, including the client. There are many times that Harvey admits that it is a danger to have an emotional attachment to a case or a client. However, it is okay to use someone else’s emotions against them in some cases. This shows how Harvey straddles that line, as the only person he will put his neck on the line for is himself, and as long as he protects himself, he knows he can win for any of his clients.

16 “Never Answer The Phone In Front Of A Client.”

Season 1, Episode 5, “Bail Out”

Harvey explaining something to Mike In Suits

Many of the best Harvey Specter quotes come from the lessons he teaches Mike. In many ways, these are invaluable words of wisdom that help Mike understand how Harvey rose to the upper echelons of Pearson Hardman. However, some of the ways he lectures Mike feel like a funny trick he is playing on the young lawyer. When Mike is in a meeting with a client, Harvey calls, but as soon as Mike answers, Harvey berates him for answering the phone.

It is a hilarious Harvey quote from Suits that makes it feel like Harvey having a little fun at Mike’s expense. It is also a good look at how Harvey is pushing Mike and not letting up because he knows that Mike has to be at his best to make a difference in their firm. Everything Harvey does early on is a lesson to Mike, and this is no different. However, it is a very funny moment with Harvey obviously enjoying his poking and prodding of his new protégé.


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15 “I Know, You’re Not Married. Still Funny.”

Season 1, Episode 5, “Bail Out”

Harvey grinning in Suits

The combative relationship between Harvey and Louis Litt is one of the best parts of Suits. While Louis is a talented lawyer, he just isn’t very impressive compared to Harvey, which makes him angry. However, each time Louis attempts to get one up on Harvey, he only succeeds in making himself look smaller. When trying to gloat about a recent win, Louis remarks that Harvey smells like jealousy, only for Harvey to fire back that it’s Louis’s wife’s perfume.

If that isn’t enough of a witty comeback, Harvey adds on the insult of Louis not being married, marking his decisive victory in their war of worlds. This relationship also really helps push Louis. While Harvey might not have intended it this way, his constant insults, remarks, and put-downs end up driving Louis to work harder and harder until the final season, where Louis transforms from the butt of everyone’s jokes into a legitimate threat for the firm in his own right.

14 “I Didn’t Ask You to Explain the Problem to Me. I Asked You to Fix It for Me.”

Season 1, Episode 8, “Identity Crisis”

Harvey and Mike In Harvey's Office

Harvey offers a lot of guidance to Mike as he gets started in the profession, but the only reason he keeps Mike around is that he expects him to put in the work. Mike is an intelligent young man, as evidenced by the fact that he comes to Harvey with a well-researched breakdown of a current case they are working on. However, Harvey is not easily impressed, and he questions why Mike is even telling him this, as he expects him to deal with the problem on his own.

Harvey is a great mentor, but as this quote from Suits shows, he isn’t willing to hold Mike’s hand through the process. Harvey needs to not only teach Mike all the ropes when it comes to what he expect from him, but he also needs to teach Mike how to handle things and deal with cases without needing a babysitter. Mike might have just been filling in Harvey on the information of the case, but Harvey doesn’t really care. He only cares about the final result.

13 “I Don’t Have To Overturn Awards Like That Because I’ve Never Lost One In The First Place.”

Season 1, Episode 5, “Bail Out”

Harvey and Mike In the courtroom.

Harvey works at one of New York City’s biggest law firms, and Pearson Hardman is filled with some of the top legal talent in the city. However, in his eyes, they all pale in comparison to himself because Harvey sees himself as the best of the best. The self-assessment is not pure ego, as he has achieved a reputation as a winner, which makes it very hard for Louis to hold any victory over Harvey’s head.

When Louis is proud of himself for getting a multimillion-dollar ruling overturned, Harvey quickly deflates him by pointing out that in order to achieve that, Louis had to lose in the first place. This was another situation where Louis was so proud of everything he did because he made sure that they got the win in the end. However, the fact that Louis had to take a loss before he turned it into a win is something that Harvey would never need to do, and that is why Harvey is always on top.

12 “You Tell Me Everything! That’s What God**** Loyalty Is.”

Season 3, Episode 1, “The Arrangement”

Harvey talks about loyalty in Suits

Loyalty is a very important thing to Harvey, and it is at the center of his relationship with Mike. Harvey took a big risk in hiring Mike. He put his own career on the line, and in exchange, he expects that Mike will be nothing but loyal. That bond is shaken when Jessica finds out the truth about Mike and Harvey confronts Mike for not telling him.

His monologue to Mike is a great summation of their relationship. He chastises Mike for doing something wrong, but he also seems hurt about the breach of trust and protective of someone he has grown to care about. Harvey, while he often dismisses emotional attachments, somehow becomes attached to Mike as time goes by. He wants Mike to remain loyal and honest to him at work, but he also wants Mike to remain loyal and honest in life as well, because if he isn’t, that would destroy all the trust they built up.

11 “That’s The Difference Between You And Me. You Wanna Lose Small, I Wanna Win Big.”

Season 2, Episode 5, “Break Point”

Harvey looking at someone in Suits

One of the most character-defining Suits quotes comes from one of the best season 2 episodes, “Break Point.” It is no secret that Harvey Specter will go to great lengths to win his cases. Bluffing, coercive persuasion, and calling in a favor or two have often been Harvey’s go-to methods. Winning is important to Harvey because, after all, there are only two types of lawyers — winners and losers, and Harvey knows which type he is.

With this line, Harvey separates himself from the other lawyers who like to play it easy without risking too much, while he wants to make a spectacle of his victory. The quote references other attorneys in his own firm, once again, and their attempts to make sure that — if they lose, it won’t be a big loss. Harvey never wants to lose small, and he only wants to win. That is how people will know who he is, fear being across a courtroom from him, and ensure he never ends up behind the eight ball.


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10 “I Don’t Play The Odds, I Play The Man.”

Season 2, Episode 6, “All In”

Harvey on the phone in Suits

In the Suits pilot, when Harvey is searching for an associate, he tells Donna that he’s looking for “another me.” He ends up hiring a college dropout with no law degree but with a sharp wit. Harvey takes Mike under his wing and teaches him everything he needs to know in order to be one of New York’s top lawyers. Harvey never shies away from unorthodox methods if he comes out on top by using them.

This came in handy when he and Mike had to take on a case they’d normally walk away from. With this great early Suits quote, Harvey teaches Mike that in order to be a great lawyer he needs to worry about his opponents and figure out how to use their weaknesses against them. While Harvey has always said he won’t allow himself to use his emotions in a case, he will always use someone else’s emotions against them. He doesn’t care about the odds. He only cares about attacking his opponent.

9 “I’m Against Having Emotions, Not Against Using Them.”

Season 1, Episode 10, “The Shelf Life”

Harvey Specter looking at something off screen in Suits

Harvey can sometimes be seen as a cold person who only cares about winning, and he likes to play into that persona despite it not being a reflection of his real self. In season 1, Mike and Harvey have to fire Senior Vice President of Dreibach Accounting Stan Jacobson, since he has spent the last nine years working there without a diploma.

Given his own standing, Mike obviously feels torn about this decision. Mike asks Harvey, “I thought you were against emotions?” Harvey wittily replies, “I’m against having emotions, not against using them.” The quote certainly highlights that Harvey is a shark who will use anything and everything he can to win. This plays into so many of Harvey’s other great quotes, as he is always someone who loves to manipulate other people’s emotions to get the results he needs to win. That is what makes him a finisher.

8 “Winners Don’t Make Excuses.”

Season 1, Episode 12, “Dog Fight”

Harvey looking off to the side in Suits

The bond between Harvey and Mike grows gradually over the series, but that does not mean that Harvey takes it easy on his young protégé. In the season 1 finale, when Mike is dealing with an untrustworthy opponent in his mock trial, Harvey teaches him yet another important lesson that will help to define his future in the profession. Harvey makes it clear that Mike needs to use this mock trial to figure out what type of lawyer he wants to be.

If he wants to win, he needs to stop complaining about all the ways things are unfair. In Harvey’s eyes, failure can only be attributed to lack of motivation and nothing else. There is also a very important lesson in this that shows why Harvey is as successful as he is. If someone is already making excuses, they have already resigned themselves to having possibly lost. A winner never gives up and never makes excuses because there is no need to make an excuse when you start winning regularly.

7 “When You Are Backed Against The Wall, Break The Godd*mn Thing Down.”

Season 8, Episode 15, “Stalking Horse”

Harvey leaning over and putting his hand to his chin in Suits

Harvey isn’t one to give up, no matter how many obstacles are put in his way, which is only further evidenced by one of his best quotes. Whenever it seems like he’s backed into a corner without any means of escape, Harvey manages to find a way to turn the tables. This is the case in particular when Harvey’s deal is complicated by Donna’s relationship in “Stalking Horse.” He gets creative and finds a way to take down any limitations placed upon him.

The lesson from this Harvey Specter quote is clear: being in a bad position doesn’t mean one is out of the game completely. Just think outside the box and find a way around the obstacles. This is also a nice quote because Harvey is someone who doesn’t like to break the rules and do anything that could compromise his integrity because he has worked so hard to build up his reputation. However, when pushed up against a wall, he has no problem with breaking it down and creating new rules to help him win ethically.

6 “You Don’t Send A Puppy To Clean Up Its Own Mess.”

Season 1, Episode 5, “Bail Out”

Harvey smiling in Suits

When Harvey gets held up by the police because of a car accident, he tasks Mike with taking an important meeting with a client, thinking there’s no way he can possibly mess it up. Of course, Mike does mess it up, which upsets both Harvey and Jessica. When Mike goes back to the client to fix it, he actually makes it worse, leading to another one of Harvey’s teachable moments.

Owning up to one’s mistakes and making things right is great, but sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. Sometimes, someone else needs to step up and clean up the mess that was made. Harvey makes this comment in an insulting way about Mike, claiming Mike is the puppy who made a mess and that he never should have sent the puppy back in to clean it up. This is also a big Harvey statement because he knows he is the big gun, and there is no one better to fix a problem than him.


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5 “I’m Not A Puppy.”

Season 1, Episode 5, “Bail Out”

Harvey and Mike walking the halls in Suits

Mike earns Harvey’s respect quickly, even with the mistakes that he makes. However, Harvey never for a moment lets Mike forget that Harvey is operating on a different level from his young colleague. In the same episode where Harvey was brought in to clean up Mike’s mistake, Harvey shows how deftly he is at damage control in a seemingly effortless way. He reminds Mike about the lesson of not sending puppies to clear up their own messes.

Harvey then points out that he himself is no puppy and he doesn’t make messes. This is another case where Harvey is self-secure and has no problem ensuring everyone knows that he is the big dog in the firm. Harvey doesn’t make mistakes because he has no doubt in his mind what the next move will be. If there is a time when something goes wrong, it is never a big “mess” that needs to be cleaned up because Harvey is not a puppy who will leave the messes behind him.

4 “What Are Your Choices When Someone Puts A Gun To Your Head?”

Season 1, Episode 2, “Errors and Omissions”

Harvey looking unimpressed in Suits

When Louis blackmails Mike, it backs the young lawyer into a corner where Louis seemingly has all the power, and Mike is forced to submit to whatever he wants. Harvey, however, disagrees with Mike’s analysis of the situation and asks him what to do with a gun to the head. When Mike said his only option was to do as he was told or be ‘shot,’ Harvey berated him: “Wrong! You take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one. Or, you call their bluff. Or, you do any one of a hundred and forty-six other things.”

While Harvey is clearly using hyperbole here, his words are no less significant because of it. He’s trying to tell Mike that he always has a choice. Mike feels that when someone has him at their mercy, he is doomed and has to follow orders. For Harvey, he doesn’t follow orders, he doesn’t back down, and he will never allow someone to bully him into something he doesn’t want to do. He will break down the walls and find a way to win in the end because that is Harvey’s way.

3 “I Refuse To Answer That On The Grounds That I Don’t Want To.”

Season 1, Episode 5, “Bail Out”

Harvey looking at the audience in Suits

Suits has a lot of humor in it and some of the best Harvey Specter quotes are also some of the show’s funniest. While his brash and arrogant methods would not fly in a real-world courtroom setting, it makes for some memorable moments in the exaggerated drama. Harvey proves to audiences and everyone on the show that he lives life by his own rules when he’s called as a witness for his driver in a civil suit.

It also shows that, after years of being so successful, his ego has grown to some dangerous levels. Harvey is used to blocking questions and answers for his clients in cases. In this specific case, he was the one on the stand, and he still felt that he could object to a question, even though he wasn’t the attorney in this instance. Harvey knows the law very well, but he sometimes has difficulty holding his tongue when he sees things being done wrongly.

2 “I Don’t Have Dreams, I Have Goals.”

Season 3, Episode 6, “The Other Time”

Harvey in his office in Suits season 3

There are a great many quotes about the value and importance of having dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt said that, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” However, sometimes dreams aren’t enough. Sometimes, people need something more concrete, like goals. At least, that’s what Harvey believes. When Harvey finally was made senior partner in season 3, Donna called it a dream come true, but Harvey corrected her that it was a goal.

While it can be irritating how machine-focused Harvey is with his work, this particular Harvey Specter quote is also endearing as he wants it known this achievement is not a magical thing that happened but something he made. When someone says they have a dream, they can often figure that it might not be realistic. For Harvey, everything is in reach, so he has goals that he will reach one day and not a dream that he wishes could come true. With goals, Harvey knows it takes hard work.


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1 “Life Is This. I Like This.”

Season 1, Episode 10, “The Shelf Life”

Harvey talking in Suits

Harvey Specter has always been open about who is, usually resulting in his best quotes. He likes the finer things in life, and he isn’t afraid to go after them. When he first started at the firm, he worked harder than anyone and made a name for himself. He became a lawyer and built a successful career because he knew what kind of life he wanted to lead. In season 1, he explained to young Mike Ross, “Life is this (waves his hand slightly above the table). I like this (raises his hand above his head).”

If there’s a Harvey Specter quote that best represents this iconic character it’s got to be this one, and it more than epitomizes why he made Suits so captivating to watch. Harvey Specter is someone who is the best at what he does. He knows how good he is, and he is willing to make sure everyone else knows as well. He will also let anyone who asks know what the secret to success is. For Harvey, he found it, and he lets Mike know exactly what success looks like with this quote.

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Suits follows Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), who, despite never attending law school, is able to use his photographic memory to become a lawyer. The legal drama ran from 2011 to 2019 for a total of nine seasons and also starred Gabriel Macht, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, and Rick Hoffman.

Patrick J. Adams , Sarah Rafferty , Gabriel Macht , Meghan Markle , Rick Hoffman , Gina Torres , Amanda Schull , Dule Hill , Katherine Heigl

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June 23, 2011



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  • Suits

    On the run from a failed drug deal, college dropout Mike Ross (Adams) finds himself working for one of New York’s best lawyers, Harvey Specter (Macht)

    Patrick J. Adams, Sarah Rafferty, Gabriel Macht, Meghan Markle, Rick Hoffman, Gina Torres, Amanda Schull, Dule Hill, Katherine Heigl

    Comedy, Drama


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    Aaron Korsh


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