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The Acolyte Has Star Wars Fans Complaining Online About One Thing, But It Literally Happens In The Franchise All The Time

Amandla Sternberg

The Acolyte is here, and there’s been no shortage of discourse between Star Wars fans over the first two episodes. While critics were largely on board with the High Republic story, a growing number of people seem less impressed with what they watched so far, and are sharing such grievances online. To each his own, but one particular gripe has driven me to the point where I feel forced to give such naysayers a reminder about which franchise they’re watching.

That said, I will be writing about a minor spoiler explaining the logistics behind a scene that ultimately has very little to do with the overall plot of The Acolyte. If you haven’t seen the episodes yet with a Disney+ subscription and wish to remain completely unspoiled, proceed at your own risk!

Some Are Critical Of The Acolyte’s Use Of Fire In Space

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