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The Bachelor’s Kelsey Anderson Will Break Up With Joey Graziadei If This Happens In Their Relationship

The Bachelor’s Kelsey Anderson Will Break Up With Joey Graziadei If This Happens In Their Relationship


  • Joey and Kelsey are prioritizing their relationship over outside influences, focusing on their love for each other.
  • Kelsey sees Joey as a “security blanket” as they navigate their post-Bachelor lives together.
  • The couple is looking forward to settling down and planning their future together, despite uncertainties.

The Bachelor season 28’s Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson have been open about their relationship after the series, even sharing what would push Kelsey to end things with Joey. Throughout The Bachelor season 28, Joey got his chance to look for love on his own terms. After his time on The Bachelorette season 20 with Charity Lawson didn’t work out, Joey was offered the chance of a lifetime and became the lead of his own season. With dozens of women to choose from, Joey had a difficult task ahead of him, but falling for Kelsey wasn’t hard for the lead.

“I’m not doing this unless its for us”

During an interview with Jason Tartick on his podcast, Trading Secrets (via People), the couple opened up about what they discussed during their time on the show, including the biggest deal breakers in their relationship and what they saw moving forward. “What I remembered [saying] was, ‘I will be open to whatever this brings, but as soon as we start doing this for other people, I want out. Like, I’m not doing this unless its for us,” Joey shared. Kelsey agreed she’d be happy to living their life together publicly, “as long as it doesn’t taint our relationship.”


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Joey Graziadei Is Kelsey Anderson’s “Security Blanket”

As Joey and Kelsey have been working toward moving out of her hometown of New Orleans, the Bachelor couple shared that they’ve taken a major step in their progress. Kelsey explained that though she was happy in her position, she had to leave her job as an assistant project manager after the show finished airing. “I had to quit,” she shared. “We’ve been so busy…part of it was that Joey was like, no matter what, like, ‘I’ll help you if you need help.” According to Kelsey, she’s glad to have Joey as her “security blanket” while they’re figuring things out.

While Kelsey and Joey’s time after The Bachelor has been incredibly busy, the couple have been doing their best to keep their lives as normal as possible outside of the series. Though they’ve traveled and done appearances throughout their months post-show, the couple have shared that they’re looking forward to things settling down so they can navigate what’s next for them. They seem to be looking ahead to a time where they’re both settled, and while they’re happy to share what’s going on, they’re not entirely sure where their lives are headed outside of them being together.

As more time passes since The Bachelor season 28 finale, Joey and Kelsey have been able to provide more information about what their lives will look like once the media whirlwind surrounding them is over. Although their futures are up in the air and things remain uncertain surrounding their careers and where they’ll live, the couple are happily navigating the uncertainty together. Kelsey and Joey’s lives are proving to be exciting as they move into their next chapter together, with The Bachelor in their rear-view mirror.

Sources: People, Joey Graziadei/Instagram

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