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The beautiful island in the UK that gets more hours of sun that anywhere else | UK | News

The beautiful island in the UK that gets more hours of sun that anywhere else | UK | News

As many Brits start hoping for some good weather this summer there is one corner of the country that is the sunniest place in the UK.

The Isle of Wight is the brightest spot in Britain according to data compiled from the Met Office, with the village of Shanklin on the south coast of the island being the most sun-kissed.

On average the village and the island it sits on enjoy more than five hours of sunshine a day, which is almost double the amount of the least sunniest part of Britain.

Loch Maree, near Kinlochewe, in the Scottish Highlands, only has around 2.5 hours of sun a day in a region that is also home to the average coldest place in Britain, Braemar, which shivers at around 3C on average. 

On the mainland, the part of the UK which gets close to the amount of sunshine enjoyed by the Isle of Wight is Kent, which basks under a respectable 4 hours and 47 minutes a day per year.

According to the Independent, Folkestone is the Garden of England’s sunniest town and sun seekers can choose from a hefty 41 local beaches to enjoy the rays.

But with around 37 hours of sunshine a week, compared to a national average of just under 30, the Isle of Wight is still a good way ahead of most rivals in the country.

The Isle of Wight tourism website proudly states: “Being the sunniest destination in England has been celebrated by visitors for many years. Back in the 1930s, the Isle of Wight was known as ‘England’s Garden Isle of Sunshine’.

“This truism has been used to help promote the Island ever since and not just during the summer months. ‘Head South for Winter Sunshine’ was also used regularly to encourage visitors to visit the Isle of Wight at less busy times of the year.”

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were fans of the island and bought their much-loved retreat of Osborne House from Lady Isabella Blachford in 1845.

Her Majesty said of the house, “it is impossible to imagine a prettier spot”, and the Royal Family stayed at Osborne for several months of the year, usually from the Queen’s birthday in May until August, before returning for Christmas for Albert’s birthday.

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