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The Boys Showrunner Addresses Potential ‘Full Team Up’ Gen V Crossover

The Boys Showrunner Addresses Potential 'Full Team Up' Gen V Crossover


  • The Boys’ creator, Eric Kripke, confirms there will be no full team-up between The Boys and Gen V in order to keep the franchise accessible.
  • Kripke wants each show to stand as its own story within a shared universe, with only Easter eggs connecting them.
  • Kripke fears audiences having to watch both shows to understand either, and prefers they enjoy them independently.

Season 4 of The Boys (currently streaming weekly on Prime Video) has begun incorporating several plot points from the franchise’s first spin-off series Gen V, leading many fans to wonder if a full-scale team-up between both show’s core characters will ever happen. However, showrunner Eric Kripke has put these rumors to rest, believing that keeping the shows separate makes the franchise more accessible and viewer friendly. While The Boys sees the titular team, led by Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), face off against Vought and The Seven, led by Homelander (Anthony Starr), Gen V looks at the franchise from a younger perspective, being set at Godolkin University for young supes.

Kripke recently spoke with Variety to discuss a potential crossover between both series. The showrunner said that it will likely never happen. Kripke explained that he wants the shows to remain separate to keep the franchise viewer friendly, meaning that audiences don’t have to catch up on multiple seasons of The Boys before dipping their toes into Gen V. Both The Boys and Gen Vfeature numerous references and Easter eggs to each other, with some characters from The Boys (like Homelander) already making brief appearances in Gen V‘s first season. But Kripke wants each show to stand as its own story, set within the confines of a shared universe. Kripkle said:

“I like the idea that there’s strands and Easter eggs that kind of pop back and forth, but full team up — no. I live in total fear of this notion that you have to watch both of them to understand the other one.”

Eric Kripke Doesn’t Want to Alienate Audiences

Gen V

Gen V


Release Date
September 29, 2023

Another, surprisingly honest, reason that Eric Kripke wants to keep both shows distanced from each other is in case audiences only like one of the shows. Imagine gearing up for the latest season of The Boys, only to realize you have to trudge through multiple seasons of Gen V (or vice versa). It may put you off watching the new season of the show that you love. Kripke continued:

“And so to me, it’s like, if you want to watch The Boys, and you don’t want to watch this other show, don’t watch it. If you want to watch Gen V and don’t watch The Boys — which I actually know a lot of people that do that — great. They’re each their own story. They each have their own reason for being. They each need to be good enough to exist without the other one existing. But I’m not giving the audience homework.”


The Boys’ Creator Shares Final Season Details, Spin-Off Plans, and Gen V Hopes

Eric Kripke outlines the future of The Boys franchise following the show’s fifth and final season.

Four episodes of The Boys‘ fourth season are currently available to watch on Prime Video. The new season has already delivered some massive shocks, including the reveal of new supes, changing allegiances, and a new side (literally) of Billy Butcher that audiences have never seen before. Season 4 is the penultimate season of The Boys. Eric Kripke has previously revealed that The Boys will be ending with its fifth season. However, multiple seasons of Gen V are in the works, with Season 2 currently in production. Additionally, a new spin-off show, titled The Boys: Mexico, is also in production.

The Boys
Gen V
are available to stream on Prime Video.

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