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The Greatest Surf Movie in the Universe

The Greatest Surf Movie in the Universe

In 2034, a deadly virus has wiped out a lot of the global population. In the rush to save humanity, Dr John Fig fast-tracks an experimental vaccine that becomes mandatory in every country around the world. The vaccine works, however, the injection instantly erases the ability to surf and any memory of surfing altogether…With no idea what they’re supposed to be doing with their lives, the world’s best surfers aimlessly wander off into what’s left of society. Now it’s up to the Surf God Hughie to pull together a team of former greats who dominated the riding of ocean waves, in a last ditch effort to save surfing. Can this bunch of forgotten outcasts work together to create the Greatest Surf Movie in the Universe, triggering the population’s memories of mondo-tubes, full-rail carves and giant rotating airs? Or are we destined to become a pack of horrendously strook land-lubbing kooks?

The Greatest Surf Movie in the Universe hits U.S. theaters August 16, 2024. The raunchy comedy stars Mick Fanning, Luke Hemsworth, Craig Anderson, Mason Ho, Griffin Colapinto, Jack Freestone, Matt Wilkinson, and Kelly Slater.

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