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The Release Of Netflix’s New Shark Movie Could Not Have Been Timed Better

The Release Of Netflix's New Shark Movie Could Not Have Been Timed Better


  • Under Paris’ plot ties to real-world events, focusing on shark attacks & environmental issues.
  • It was released ahead of 2024 Olympics in Paris, and the thriller could boost interest in the upcoming event.
  • The movie’s resonance partially comes from addressing current fears like the climate crisis, which probably contributed to it becoming a hit on Netflix.

Under Paris, the new thriller gaining popularity on Netflix, was released at the perfect time to coincide with a major real-world event. Under Paris tells the story of a team of scientists that try to warn a local government about a looming shark problem. It’s a similar setup to the classic shark movie Jaws, but where Under Paris differs is that its sharks prowl the Seine. The film also takes a more updated approach to the classic subgenre, but that’s not the only reason Under Paris is applicable to the modern day.

Under Paris is, at its core, a shark movie, but it also tackles some very timely and topical ideas. Lilith, the main shark in the movie, was driven into the Seine by the over-pollution of the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, for much of the movie, the cast of Under Paris tried to convince local authorities to take the threat of shark attacks seriously, to no avail. Those themes alone tie the movie very closely to current events, but there’s another reason Under Paris was released at the perfect time, and it comes from a real-world event.


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Under Paris’ Netflix Release Was Perfectly Timed For The 2024 Olympics

Artwork for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris
Artwork by Paris 2024

Under Paris‘ plot is made even more topical because of its perfect timing. Under Paris was released just over a month ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics, which are being held in Paris. While there aren’t really sharks in the Seine, Under Paris still connects quite well to the upcoming Olympics. It’s a movie that’s set in the same city, it centers around a triathlon that was meant to entice the Olympics to Paris, and it features the Seine, the main river of the city. The Olympics won’t see swimmers in the Seine itself, but the river will be featured in the opening ceremony.

Under Paris
is available to stream on Netflix.

Under Paris’ Popularity Is A Good Sign For The Upcoming Olympics

Shark fins poke out of the waters of the Seine at the end of Under Paris

While Under Paris doesn’t paint a particularly pretty picture of Paris, as a central part of its plot focuses on the mayor of the city ignoring the danger of an imminent shark attack, the movie could still provide a boost ahead of the Olympics. Under Paris beat Godzilla Minus One to be the most popular movie on Netflix, and it now has a huge number of viewers seeing scenes of the city and interested in Paris. Under Paris‘ popularity could be enough to spark interest in the Olympics, and cause viewers who wouldn’t normally watch the events to tune in.

It’s unusual that a movie can tie itself to current events as thoroughly, and quickly, as Under Paris has, and that could be a reason it’s so popular. It talks about some hot-button issues like the climate crisis and draws some clear parallels to the Olympics, both of which have been on quite a few viewers’ minds. That ability to draw upon real-world fears and current events usually makes for a good thriller, and could be a reason Under Paris has resonated with such a wide audience.

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