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Tom Hardy Responds To Those Knives Out 3 Casting Rumors

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Rian Johnson‘s Knives Out was a massive hit, which inspired it to grow into a full franchise. Both the original and the Glass Onion‘s cast list were star-studded, and fans are eager to see what ensemble the filmmaker assembles for the threequel Wake Up Dead Man. There are some rumors swirling around about the Knives Out 3 cast, and Tom Hardy recently responded to chatter that he’s in the movie.

What we know about Knives Out 3 is limited, but the movie’s casting announcements have definitely been thrilling. Filming for Wake Up Dead Man has started, so fans are hoping that an official cast list is released sooner rather than later. Tom Hardy recently spoke to ET Online about the rumors he’s in the upcoming whodunnit, he said:

Nobody’s called me about this. This came out in the Google machine this morning, even I was like ‘What’s this?’ Someone’s gotta ask me. Sounds cool, but no one’s asked me. That’s showbiz, right? Maybe I am in it!

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