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Uptown Girls Is Going Viral On TikTok. Dakota Fanning Knows It And Sweetly Credited The Late Brittany Murphy

Molly and Ray (Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning) taking the subway in Uptown Girls

It’s been 15 years since Brittany Murphy passed away at 32, though the actress is far from forgotten. Her memory lives on through film and TV work and, more recently, one of her most beloved flicks, the 2003 comedy Uptown Girls, has seen a lot of buzz. The beloved comedy has gone viral on TikTok in recent months, and it seems like users can’t get enough of it. The movie’s virality even caught the attention of Murphy’s co-star, Dakota Fanning, who sweetly credited the late star for its resurgence.

The 2003 feel-good comedy’s recent boom came courtesy of Millennials and Gen Z sharing two specific clips. One is the amusement park tea cup scene, where Ray has an emotional breakthrough over her father, and the other the kitchen scene, in which Ray gives Molly a rundown of who’s in charge. Dakota Fanning acknowledged Uptown Girls’ newfound popularity while speaking with Brit + Co. When asked about the love the flick has been receiving, the Watchers star said:

I love it. I think ‘cause it’s nostalgic for people who are kind of around my age, who grew up watching that movie. I think it’s like a comfort movie for people. And so, I love that people are still revisiting it and loving it and maybe understanding – now that everyone’s older, [they’re] understanding different things about it, you know? So, I love that.

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