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What Happened To Barbie Pascual After Below Deck Season 11?

What Happened To Barbie Pascual After Below Deck Season 11?


  • Barbie struggled with personal issues and drama with coworkers aboard St. David during Below Deck season 11.
  • Connections with some of her costars were salvaged, but not all the relationships Barbie made could be repaired after her boatmance fallout.
  • Barbie’s transitioned to more of a social media influencer after the show, leaving behind yachting industry career.

Below Deck season 11’s Barbie Pascual was a major part of the St. David’s crew during the charter season, but what has she been up to after the dramatic end of the season? Barbie came aboard the St. David hopeful that she’d be able to flex her skills as a stew alongside the rest of her crew. Working beneath Chief Stew Fraser Olender, Barbie knew that her hard work and determination would be a major leg up on the superyacht, but she didn’t necessarily expect the level of drama that would come with working aboard Below Deck season 11’s vessel.

Throughout Below Deck season 11, Barbie was one of the stews who struggled the most in terms of personal issues. Her initial complaints aboard St. David were about Cat Baugh, another stew aboard the superyacht who didn’t have as much experience working in the industry. Though she’d done private charters, she wasn’t used to the way service worked on the interior, making it difficult for Barbie to delegate tasks throughout the day. Things shifted when Barbie found out through Ben Willoughby that Cat had been complaining to Fraser about her. The trajectory of Barbie’s time aboard St. David changed entirely.


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Barbie Reunited With Her Below Deck Costars

After her time on Below Deck season 11, Barbie reunited with some of her costars, but not all of them. In a post shared on her Instagram ahead of the Below Deck season 11 finale, Barbie shared a video of herself, Captain Kerry Titheradge, and fellow stew Xandi Olivier sharing that there’s “nothing but love” between them. In the video, the trio agrees that they’re all good, with their relationships having healed in the year since filming finished for the show. Though Barbie and Xandi’s relationship was strained at the end of the charter season, things have been smoothed over.

Although Barbie’s connection with Xandi and Captain Kerry has been salvaged, her relationship with the rest of St. David crew may not be as easily repaired. After her boatmance with Kyle Stillie went south at the tail end of the charter season, Barbie shared an update about where the pair stand during an Instagram live after the finale. According to Barbie, she’s not close with Kyle, Ben, or Marie “Sunny” Marquis after her time aboard St. David. While she and Kyle dated for a time after the show finished filming, Barbie left things vague regarding how their romance finally ended.

Barbie’s Become Somewhat Of An Influencer

Montage of Below Deck Season 11's Barbie Pascual smiling and posing blue filtered background with hot pink
Custom Image by César García

While Barbie’s time on the St. David showed off her hard working, independent spirit, she hasn’t returned to a life of service in the yachting industry as far as the public is aware. Instead, Barbie has chosen to make her mark on the world of social media, becoming somewhat of an Influencer in her time on land. Showing off her elaborate tablescapes on her Instagram account, Beyond The Table by Barbie, she’s been able to reach a broader audience after leaving Below Deck behind. Barbie’s posts share her talent and passion, which was highlighted during the most recent charter season.

Barbie’s Journey On Below Deck

A montage of Below Deck season 11's Barbie Pascual and Kyle Stillie on a blue and purple background.
Custom Image by César Garcia

Though Barbie’s journey on Below Deck primarily revolved around her work with Fraser and their episodes-long personality clash, there were other elements to her charter season. Her relationship with Kyle, which evolved from a friendship into a boatmance, was something viewers watched grow throughout the charter season. While there were moments of difficulty, Barbie’s relationship with Kyle seemed like a reprieve from her struggles with Fraser. Ultimately, the pair seemed inseparable by the end of the charter season, which made their ending so painful.

After a crew night out for one last time, it was clear that Barbie and Kyle’s personalities clashed even before the biggest part of the blowup. Barbie, who is traditionally more conservative than Kyle, was struggling with him drunkenly exposing himself to others, and they fought a bit before he agreed to calm down for her. During their ride back to St. David, Xandi made a comment that set Barbie off, and she felt doubly hurt because Kyle wasn’t standing up for her. Barbie shockingly left the superyacht early after the perceived disrespect, telling Kyle not to contact her again.

Will Barbie Ever Return To Below Deck?

Though Barbie has shared that she enjoyed her time on Below Deck season 11, her journey with the series may have ended. Though she shared that her experience on Below Deck was a great character-building exercise, Barbie feels that her time with the series is likely over due to the way she left Below Deck season 11. She shared on an Instagram live that she doesn’t know if she would be able to feel supported in the way she needs to on Below Deck in a future season, meaning she may have boarded the St. David for the last time.

Below Deck

is available to stream on Peacock.

Sources: Barbara Pascual/Instagram, By Barbie/Instagram

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Below Deck

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