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What Happened To Sunny Marquis After Below Deck Season 11?

What Happened To Sunny Marquis After Below Deck Season 11?


  • Sunny and Ben are still together post-season, traveling together.
  • Sunny joined Below Deck as a deckhand, romantically involved with Ben.
  • Rumors suggest Sunny may return to Below Deck without Ben next season.

Sunny Marquis was a popular deckhand aboard St. David in Below Deck season 11, but what has the French-Canadian woman been up to since filming ended? At just 24 years old, Sunny’s rising star is shining bright in the Bravo universe, with plenty of curiosity regarding her boatmance with controversial bosun Ben Willoughby. The hardworking and relatively unproblematic deckhand was struck by Ben’s charm, but the bosun didn’t seem to return her affections past a physical relationship.

While Sunny tried to draw boundaries with Ben, they couldn’t stay away from each other. After Ben attempted to reconnect with his Below Deck season 10 flame, Camille Lamb, Sunny vowed to end her physical connection with Ben. However, despite his red flags, Sunny and Ben remained involved. After two cast members were spotted filming Below Deck season 12, questions swirled regarding whether Sunny and Ben would return to the following charter season and if their relationship fizzled after the tumultuous boatmance.


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Sunny Is In A Relationship With Ben

Their Romance Made It Off The Boat

Shockingly, Sunny and Ben are still together after Below Deck season 11. Ben and Sunny shared photos of them smiling and enjoying each other’s company over the past few months. “We ended up traveling the globe together last year,” Ben wrote. He added, “And Sunny made her way to Australia for Christmas. Anyways, hoping you all enjoyed the season.” Given Ben’s behavior and history, remaining with Sunny was a surprise. He came off as a player who would hit on anyone, guests included.

We ended up traveling the globe together last year.

It’s unclear how Ben and Sunny’s relationship developed after the show. While she traveled with Ben to Australia for Christmas, Ben remains an unpopular cast member, while Sunny is well-liked. She was good at her job on Below Deck and didn’t seem to make too many waves. On the other hand, Ben nearly got fired by Captain Kerry Titheradge multiple times, including blatantly disrespecting the captain ahead of the final charter of the season. Hopefully, dating Ben doesn’t damage Sunny’s career.

Sunny Marquis’s Journey On Below Deck

Her Season Was Tied To Ben’s Antics

Sunny joined Below Deck season 11 as a junior deckhand and quickly became involved in a romantic relationship with Ben, the lead deckhand-turned-bosun. Their boatmance faced various ups and downs but remained a key storyline throughout the season. Sunny’s performance as a deckhand was notable for her work ethic and ability to handle the demanding environment on the yacht, even as she worked under the man she was sleeping with onboard.

Sunny Marquis Fast Facts

Below Deck Season 11




St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada



In the initial episodes, Sunny adapted to the fast-paced life aboard the superyacht St. David. She worked hard to meet the high standards set by the captain and senior crew members. Despite being new to yachting, Sunny showed a willingness to learn and improve her skills, a pattern that made her an asset throughout the charter season.

Sunny and Ben’s relationship began to develop early in the season. The attraction between them was obvious, and they shared several romantic moments on and off duty. Their relationship provided a mix of drama and romance and was one of the main storylines of the season. Sunny’s attraction to Ben was genuine, but Ben seemed to like the power trip and having a young, pretty deckhand to manipulate onboard. He openly flirted with stews Paris Field and Cat Baugh in front of Sunny and posted about his ex, Camille, on Instagram.

As the season progressed, Sunny’s competence as a deckhand became more apparent. She handled tasks such as docking procedures, maintaining the yacht, and assisting with guest activities. Sunny managed to maintain professionalism no matter what was going on with Ben, confidently asserting she didn’t need a man to help her do her job.

Sunny ignored all of Ben’s red flags and took a leap of faith after the show, choosing to continue their relationship after the charter season ended.

By the end of Below Deck season 11, Sunny and Ben were still together, planning to explore their relationship further after leaving the yacht. While this seemed like an empty promise, Sunny and Ben continued their relationship after filming wrapped. They made their relationship public after the season finale aired, sharing their happiness with fans on social media. Ben might not deserve the positive spin on his story, but Sunny remained a class act despite a difficult season.

Will Sunny Marquis Ever Return To Below Deck?

There Are Rumors That Sunny Is On Below Deck Season 12

sunny, fraser, and paris from below deck season 11
Custom image by César García

According to a Reddit thread posted bysvCatchinRays2, Sunny might return for Below Deck season 12. In a clip that’s been making the rounds through fan forums such as Reddit, Captain Kerry and Chief Stew Fraser Olender are seen docking the St. David. However, there’s also a deckhand at the front of the yacht wearing a hat similar to the one Sunny regularly sports, leading to rumors Sunny will also return next season,

Ben was highly critical of Captain Kerry and vowed to never work for him again. There was no lost love on Captain Kerry’s end either, with the two consistently clashing throughout the season; it seems Sunny will return to the show without Ben. It will be fascinating to see how their separation tests their relationship. While Ben could be the bad guy, he and Sunny are a cute couple. Hopefully, Sunny can star in Below Deck season 12 and maintain her relationship.

Below Deck

is available to stream on Peacock.

Sources: Sunny Marquis/Instagram, u/svCatchinRays2/Reddit

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