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What Happened To Zsalynn Whitworth After My 600-Lb Life Season 2

What Happened To Zsalynn Whitworth After My 600-Lb Life Season 2


  • Zsalynn faced hurdles with an unsupportive partner but found success through determination and weight loss surgery.
  • Post-divorce, Zsalynn maintained her weight loss and found love, showcasing a happier and healthier lifestyle.
  • Despite challenges, Zsalynn inspires with her journey to maintain a healthy weight and prioritize her daughter’s well-being.

My 600-lb Life‘s Zsalynn Whitworth shared some of the most harrowing parts of her life during her episode of the TLC docuseries. As one of the many patients of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, AKA Dr. Now, Zsalynn went to Houston, Texas, to work with the doctor and try to change her life. Originally weighing in at 597 pounds, Zsalynn needed help as soon as she could get it from Dr. Now, who very quickly put her on a restricted calorie diet in order to help her drop some weight and get approved for weight loss surgery.

While some of My 600-lb Life’s Dr. Now‘s patients have supportive family units who come with them to Houston and aid in their care, some do not have such luck with their families. Zsalynn’s husband, Gareth, was a huge deterrent to her progress. While Zsalynn wanted to lose weight in order to improve her overall health and live a better life, Gareth was only interested in her continuing to gain weight due to his fetishization of larger-bodied women. Rather than helping her, Gareth actively refused to help her. With the odds stacked against her, Zsalynn’s journey was not an easy one.


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Zsalynn Escaped An Abusive Situation After My 600-Lb Life

Zsalynn’s Husband Was Awful

While Zsalynn went into her My 600-lb Life journey at nearly 600 pounds, she ultimately qualified for weight loss surgery and was able to lose nearly half her weight, dropping below 300 pounds. Zsalynn then had skin removal surgery and lost over 50 pounds of skin, which brought her weight below 250 pounds. Though the My 600-lb Life star struggled after her initial surgery with her relationship with food after divorcing her ex-husband Gareth, she knew that trying her hardest to maintain her weight was the best option for herself and her daughter, Hannah. Zsalynn continued to maintain her healthy weight and seems to be continuing to do so years later.

Zsalynn Found Love Again After Divorce

She Doesn’t Apppear To Still Be In A Relationship Though

TLC star Zsalynn has maintained her weight loss for years and looks happier than ever on her social media profiles, sharing photos of her daughter and her life with her dogs and formerly her new love. After divorcing her controlling husband, Gareth, Zsalynn found herself alone for the first time in years with an entirely new lease on life. Thankfully, the My 600-lb Life star met and fell in love with Jack Lapp, who seemed to be far more supportive than her ex. While she didn’t post about her relationship often, Zsalynn does keep her My 600-lb Life fans updated and enjoys her life much more than she did prior to her health journey.

As of June 2024, Zsalynn doesn’t have photos or mentions of her relationship with Jack. She also does not follow Jack on Instagram, which could likely signal that the pair have broken up. Instead, Zsalynn has been focusing on her relationship with her daughter, Hannah. When she is not posting confident selfies, the My 600-lb Life OG shares pictures of her daughter, depicting the close relationship they have.

Home base for Zsalynn is in San Antonio Texas, she frequently shares posts with captions praising the city. It’s the same city she lived in when she appeared on the show. Zsalynn and Hannah had a really rough life when Zsalynn was with Gareth, but they have come so far and seem to be showcasing how much better their lives are without him in them. If Zsalynn didn’t leave Gareth when she did, she most likely would not have seen as much success as she’s had. Hannah seems to be Zsalynn’s inspiration to staying healthy.

Zsalynn’s My 600-lb Life Legacy

She Receives A Lot Of Support

Zsalynn was on My 600-lb Life season 2, which premiered in January 2014 and was filmed in 2013. In the ten years that have passed, Zsaylynn’s has amassed 7,500 followers. Many of her fans take the time to land in the comments of her photos to share their support of her journey and her bravery for leaving Gareth.

While Zsalynn’s doesn’t interact with her followers or share comments back, she does urge fans to “show your admiration through my small business!” Zsalynn has a drop shipping T-shirt business. Zsalynn is now able to do the things she only dreamed of when she was morbidly obese. And while she does not share how she’s kept the weight off, her IG page is a testament to her obvious hard work.

It can be heartbreaking to watch some episodes of My 600-lb Life for a variety of reasons. Some patients are uninterested in getting healthier and seeing their lives continue, while some patients want to succeed and simply require more support than they have available. Patients like Zsalynn, who lack the support they need but manage to see their weight loss through from determination alone, are the most inspirational on My 600-lb Life.

My 600-lb Life

seasons 1-12 are available to stream on Discovery+.

Source: Zsalynn Whitworth/Instagram, TLC/YouTube

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