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Who Killed WCW? Ric Flair Just Pointed The Finger At 3 People In A Blistering Diatribe

Ric Flair speaking in Woooooo!: Becoming Ric Flair

Though World Championship Wrestling (WCW) has been dead for the better part of the past quarter century, the blame game surrounding who’s ultimately responsible for its demise seems to never stop. With the June 2024 premiere of Vice TV’s Who Killed WCW? series once again picking at the scab of a wound that has never properly healed, everyone is stepping in to point the finger and play the blame game. Now it appears that wrestling legend Ric Flair is pointing that finger.

In a blistering diatribe on X (formerly known as Twitter), “The Nature Boy” took a scorched Earth approach to the seemingly unanswerable question of “Who killed WCW?” and specifically named several former high-ranking WCW officials – Jim Herd, Eric Bischoff, and Vince Russo – who he referred to as “A Three-Headed Monster:”

I’ve tried to lay low on this but let’s face it- who killed WCW? It’s a three-headed monster! Jim herd, @ebischoff, and @thevincerusso!!! There’s no individual wrestler or faction that caused anything to kill WCW. It was the people in charge that created dysfunction, animosity, and tried to divide and conquer by lying to everyone and involving themselves in the promotion which was the ultimate failure! God, I could give you a thousand more examples. I am one to live through all three nightmares and to be saved by the @wwe! thank you to the WWE for bringing someone who was dead in the water as a result of these three people back to life!

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