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Why Is She Getting Sued After Her LA Performance?

Why Is She Getting Sued After Her LA Performance?

Madonna recently found herself in legal trouble after she was sued by a concert attendee for allegedly exposing the crowd to “pornography without warning.” As per news reports, after the pop icon’s LA concert, attendee Justen Lipeles alleged that the singer put the audience in “emotional distress” and also started the concert late.

Here is everything fans need to know about the lawsuit filed against Madonna.

Why are fans suing Madonna after her LA concert?

Justin Lipeles reportedly sued Madonna alleging he was “forced to watch topless women on stage” performing explicit actions.

As reported by the Guardian, Lipeles pressed several allegations against Madonna and her Kia Forum concert promoter, Live Nation. In the lawsuit, he stated that the concert on March 7 started at 10 PM PT, even though it was supposed to start at 8:30 PM PT.

The lawsuit mentions, “Defendants did not provide any notice to plaintiff that the concert will start at a later time.” The document further suggests that Madonna didn’t allow any air conditioning in the concert as she demanded a hot environment. Lipeles in the complaint states he felt “physically ill” due to the heat. Moreover, the lawsuit alleges that the singer asked fans to undress themselves when they protested against the hot conditions.

Justin Lipeles elaborated that he sued Madonna because she “was lip-syncing” during the whole act. As per the same Guardian report, the lawsuit claims, “During the performance plaintiff was forced to watch topless women on stage simulating sex acts. Plaintiff felt like he was watching a pornographic film being made.”

The lawsuit further suggests that Madonna’s actions “were done with the intent to cause serious emotional distress or with reckless disregard of the probability of causing serious emotional distress.” Consequently, Justin Lipeles demands compensation for the tickets and legal fees.

Representatives of Madonna have not issued any statement regarding the lawsuit. This isn’t the first time attendees have accused the pop icon of mistreatment. Previously, Madonna was sued in January for starting her Brooklyn concert on December 13, 2023, late.

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