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Will Smith Reveals His Career-Defining Performances on Hot Ones

Will Smith Reveals His Career-Defining Performances on Hot Ones


  • Will Smith believes his “individual best movie, all around”

    The Pursuit of Happyness.
  • If Smith could pick four career-defining films of his own that were worthy of putting in a time capsule, the actor would choose
    The Pursuit of Happyness, Men in Black, I Am Legend
    King Richard.
  • The Oscar-winning actor made the revelation during an appearance on
    Hot Ones
    while promoting his new movie,
    Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

Will Smith’s press tour for Bad Boys: Ride or Die just got a lot hotter. As the latest installment in the action franchise heats up the box office, Smith dropped by the set of Hot Ones to answer host Sean Evans’ burning questions while eating wings covered in a variety of hot sauces. Near the end of the show, Evans asked Smith which of his performances would “best define your career as an actor?” The first movie Smith mentioned was The Pursuit of Happyness. Smith said, courtesy of First We Feast:

“I think the individual best movie, all around, that I’ve ever made is The Pursuit of Happyness.
[I] think that’s the one where like it wasn’t just… [struggles as
he continues crying from eating spicy wings
covered in hot sauce].
Right behind that is the first Men In Black:
the direction, cinematography and music.”

Smith continued:

“I think among the most fun
I’ve ever had making a movie is like
Bad Boys and Aladdin
like just the most, the most fun. But in terms of all-around best movies, performances,
if I had to put four of them in a time capsule,
it would be
The Pursuit of Happyness,
the first
Men In Black,
it would be
I Am Legend
and probably
King Richard.”

‘People Just Need the Joy That Comes from This Movie’

Box office projections predict Bad Boys: Ride or Die will make $50 million to $60 million over its opening weekend domestically. Undoubtedly, a large part of the sequel’s success hinges on the unparalleled big-screen chemistry between Will Smith’s character Mike Lowrey and Martin Lawrence’s Marcus Burnett, not to mention the stellar humor the action flick provides. Smith said in an interview with Variety:

“Big wild broad comedy that doesn’t break the seriousness,
the action.
It’s a rated-R comedy action,
and I just think people need to laugh as hard as they laugh in this movie.
People just need the joy that comes from this movie.”


Bad Boys: Ride or Die’s Will Smith Says ‘It’s Nothing But Love’ from Fans

Smith is grateful to the supportive fans who showed up at the Bad Boys: Ride or Die premiere, despite the 2022 Oscars’ slap snafu.

Be sure to check out MovieWeb’s Bad Boys: Ride or Die review, which proclaims that both “Will Smith & Martin Lawrence return in top form.” And at the time of this writing, fans are praising the fourth installment in the action franchise to the tune of a 97% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and an “A-” CinemaScore. Plus, don’t forget to give Smith’s full interview on Hot Ones a look as he battles his way through the fiery gauntlet of mostly delicious hot wings and sauces.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die
is now playing in theaters.

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