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WWE’s Chad Gable Will Return To Monday Night Raw After Attack From Wyatt Sicks, But Is He Really OK?

Chad Gable looking upset

Monday Night Raw‘s latest episode ended with the debut of The Wyatt Sicks, and their first victim, Chad Gable, looked pretty severely injured at the end of it all. So imagine my surprise when Gable was cleared for an upcoming Money in the Bank qualifier. And that event will determine whether or not we’ll be watching him at the PLE with a Peacock Premium subscription. This is an interesting turn of events, and it has me wondering if Gable is really OK.

Taking a defeat, especially an all-time loss, is nothing new for Chad Gable. That said, he’s usually back to his cocky and confident self soon after, but this situation just feels different. To be honest, I’m having trouble explaining this, but I feel as though the WWE has a wilder story on the way for him. Here’s what sticks out to me about his upcoming return and how it may be a bigger angle for Gable than finally just winning a major title. 

Adam Pearce’s Video Announcing Chad Gable’s Clearance Has Imagery From The Wyatt Sicks

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