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Zack Snyder Reveals When Rebel Moon’s Directors Cuts Will Be Released

Sofia Boutella as Kora in Rebel Moon: Part 2 - The Scargiver

Zack Snyder is known for making ambitious movies. The films are quite often so ambitious that they need to be dialed back for theatrical release. This has in turn led to many Director’s Cuts from Zach Snyder on his various projects. We already knew that Rebel Moon would be getting a director’s cut, but now we know when we’ll see it.

Zach Snyder revealed on the site that used to be Twitter that the Director’s Cuts of both parts of Rebel Moon will arrive on August 2. Alongside that both parts of the film have been retitled in their extended form, Chapter One is called Chalice of Blood while Chapter Two is titled Curse of Forgiveness.

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Director’s Cut Has Been Planned From The Beginning

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